Guiding Startups to Financial Clarity

Navigating the complexities of startup finance is our expertise. We offer comprehensive, software-driven financial solutions, ensuring your business is not just financially robust but also primed for growth. Simplify your financial management and focus on scaling your startup with us.

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Powering startup financials

Our mission is rooted in providing startups with robust, AI-infused financial frameworks. We are committed to fostering the growth of innovative startups through specialized accounting, tax compliance, and strategic financial advice, setting the stage for their long-term success and scalability.

Tailored to fit your journey

We approach each startup's financial journey with a unique blend of traditional expertise and advanced AI technologies. Our comprehensive service suite, ranging from routine accounting tasks to strategic tax planning, is customised to align with the distinct growth stages of your startup.


A new era of financially savvy startups

We're more than just accountants. As your strategic financial partners, we navigate the financial complexities of startup growth with AI-driven solutions. Every startup has its unique financial needs, and our suite of services are tailored to to ensure your financial strategy is not just robust but also intelligently adaptive.

Outsourced accounting

Benefit from comprehensive, end-to-end accounting services, with regular support in reconciliation, accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, and BAS statements with our outsourced accounting services, crafted for consistent reliability.

Tax compliance & planning

Navigate the complexities of tax laws confidently. Our annual tax compliance services focus on simplifying tax planning, offering expert compliance advice, and maintaining seamless communication with the ATO.

Virtual CFO services

Strategically designed to support early-stage startups, our service removes the need for a CFO until later maturity stages. Gain vital insights and advice from our experienced CFOs for informed decision-making and business scaling.

Grants & funding

Our vCFO services extend to overseeing external accounting staff, ensuring timely statutory returns, assisting with R&D claims, and providing transfer pricing support​.

Personalised dashboards

Streamline your startup's finances with our AI-driven tools, offering real-time access to key metrics and seamless management of financial operations. Gain clarity and accelerate decision-making, all in one integrated, expert-backed system.

Efficiency & accuracy

The startup advantage

Leveraging AI innovations for superior financial management, driving startup growth and insightful decision-making.

Adaptive financial solutions

Providing tailored accounting services that meet the dynamic needs of startups, fostering growth and stability.

Structured onboarding

Our meticulous accounting onboarding process is designed to elevate your accounting practices from the outset, ensuring effective support for a smooth start.

Technology-driven efficiency

Integrating the latest financial technology for streamlined operations and real-time insights from your dashboard.

Profitability & scalability

Offering services that deliver critical financial insights and strategic planning to propel your business towards profitability and scalability.


Pricing for Startups

Explore our clear and flexible pricing designed for startups. Each service, from onboarding to ongoing management, is tailored to your business needs, ensuring value and transparency at every stage.
Onboarding Services

Accounting Onboarding

$1,650 (One-Off)

Includes setup of accounting systems, initial review and structuring of financial records.

Remote Entity Onboarding

$500 (One-Off)

Focuses on integrating remote entities into the financial system for streamlined operations.

Ongoing Management

vCFO Management:

$2,500 Per Month

Strategic financial oversight, including budgeting, forecasting, and financial analysis.

Outsourced Accounting:

Enquire for pricing

Regular accounting services such as bookkeeping, payroll, and financial reporting.

Tax Compliance and Planning:

Enquire for pricing

Annual tax planning, compliance advice, and communication with tax authorities.

Additional Services

Optional High-Value Add-Ons:

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Tailored services like advanced analytics, financial modeling, etc.

Additional vCFO Responsibilities:

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Additional tasks like overseeing external accounting staff, statutory return lodgments, etc.

Think strategically, grow financially.

We're committed to startups aiming for financial excellence. Partner with us to transform your financial operations into a strategic asset.