Driving innovation through strategic capital

At Utiliti Ventures, we see beyond balance sheets and business plans. We believe in the power of vision, the strength of determination, and the potential for disruptive innovation. Our mission is simple: to identify, nurture, and elevate the next wave of world-class startups.

Capital invested
Years of experience

Founder-focused investments

At Utiliti Ventures, we don't just see startups - we see founders' dreams and aspirations. We're in the business of amplifying your venture, championing your journey, and ensuring your innovative ideas get the investment and traction they deserve.

Our venture commitment

Our dedication goes beyond capital. We're passionate about unlocking potential and fueling growth that lasts. Through strategic investments and thoughtful partnerships, we're determined to drive startups not only toward immediate achievements but also toward a future marked by resilience, adaptability, and sustainable success.

unparalleled partnership

Empowering founders to ensure growth

Why partner with Utiliti for your fundraising journey? Because at every juncture, we prioritize your startup's unique vision and potential, providing a full spectrum of resources to ensure your venture not only grows but thrives.

Founder-centric approach

We understand founders because we've been there. Our approach is tailored to ensure your vision remains at the forefront.

Strategic investment

Our investments are more than just capital; they're a vote of confidence, a partnership, and a promise to provide all the resources at our disposal.

Extensive network

Leverage our vast connections within the industry, ensuring your startup gets the exposure and collaborations it truly deserves.

Holistic support

From initial seed funding to Series A and beyond, we're with you at every step, ensuring smooth navigation of the investment landscape.


Capital support system

Tailored offerings to boost your startup's growth with venture capital

Pre-investment positioning

Sharpen your appeal to investors, ensuring your startup stands out in a competitive landscape.

Capital infusion network

Our connections aren't just wide; they're impactful. Gain access to vital introductions that can transform your capital-raising journey.

Post-investment growth strategies

Harness our expertise to implement effective growth strategies, ensuring a robust return on investment.

Global expansion expertise

Benefit from our international network and insights, making your global scaling smoother and more strategic.

On-demand executive guidance

Direct access to seasoned professionals, ready to provide high-level strategic guidance as an extended part of your team.

Strategic ecosystem

A curated network of mentors and industry experts, poised to provide strategic insights, collaborations, and opportunities.

our funds

Investment lifecycle

Each fund is tailored to your startups stage, with an aim to seamlessly transition you to our later stage venture funds for follow-on investments and continued support.

Revenue: > $100k ARR
Exit horizon: 5 Years
Investment range: $50k - $250k

Ideal for startups with a vision, lean operations, and aspirations to go global.

Seed & Growth

Revenue: > $500k ARR
Exit horizon: 4 Years
Investment range: $500k - $2m

For those disrupting the norm, ready to scale and capture larger markets.

Series A & B

Revenue: > $2m ARR
Exit horizon: 3 Years
Investment range: $3m - $10m

Established entities eyeing a global imprint, with a proven record of profitability and growth.

Success stories

Explore the standout successes of startups we've championed, showcasing the tangible impact of Utiliti Ventures.

“Utiliti Group has been providing its expertise through invaluable financial insights and by refining our Go-To-Market strategies. They seamlessly integrated into our team as a driving force behind our accelerated growth.”
"Utiliti has been a cornerstone in Azura Fashion Group's journey, especially during our significant fundraising effort. Jason Serda's expertise and dedication were instrumental in successfully closing the raise, reflecting a partnership built on shared vision and mutual respect. As we grow, Utiliti's insights remain invaluable. We're grateful for their support and excited for our future together."
Since Utiliti co-led Outstaffer's first external investment round, Jason and the team at Utiliti have worked tirelessly to add value to our business. From taking the time to work with us on important strategic initiatives to making value-adding introductions across Utiliti's vast global network. Jason and the team make themselves available when needed, and often outside of business hours. Utiliti is the exact type of investment partner early-stage companies should aim to attract on their cap table. Utiliti has not only brought growth capital to Outstaffer, but more importantly, an incredible amount of value that far outweighs the amount of capital invested.
“The Utiliti team has been instrumental in guiding us through this phase of the early start-up wilderness. From warm introductions to the ‘right’ people to fill critical skills gaps to strategic advice on our product roadmap, and most recently helping us prepare for a Capital Raise.”
“Jason and the Team at Utiliti bring a wealth of practical and real world experience to the technology startup space. Leaning on their own experience in strategic and operational aspects of technology, Utiliti has been instrumental in steering Fluid on its growth journey.”

Venture with us

If you're a startup looking to fuel your next phase of growth or an innovator on the brink of a breakthrough, Utiliti Ventures is your partner in this ambitious journey.