Our commitment to founders

Utiliti Group is committed to supporting and empowering founders. Our holistic approach integrates strategic investment, specialized guidance, and targeted resources to help drive your venture forward. Discover how we are creating opportunities for sustainable growth, innovation, and success.

Capital invested
Expert mentors
Startups accelerated
Years of innovating

Your unique journey

Every startup is distinct. With us, receive strategies meticulously tailored to your aspirations and challenges, propelling you forward on your entrepreneurial path.

Guidance & growth

Tap into our vast expertise. Benefit from mentorship that not only shares wisdom but inspires you to innovate, adapt, and thrive in your market.


Innovators and visionaries

At the heart of every thriving startup is a founder with a vision. We, at Utiliti Group, understand that to bring about change, it's essential to nurture and foster this vision. Here's how we champion your ambition.

Customized programs & networking

Benefit from specialized workshops, startup boot camps, and global networking events connecting you to influential industry figures.

Efficient growth & scale

Leverage our hands-on experience and vast provider network to go-to-market and navigate your startup's growth journey more efficiently.

Exclusive insights & continuous support

Gain access to a treasure trove of resources, from market research to growth strategies, complemented by ongoing guidance as part of the Utiliti family.

True collaborative approach

We go beyond mere investment; we are your strategic partners, focused on achieving shared success.

Network leverage & talent acquisition

Tap into our extensive network for mentorship, strategic partnerships, and recruiting the best talent that aligns with your mission.

Optimized fundraising & vision preservation

Navigate capital challenges with our assistance, while our minority investment stance ensures your vision remains central.

Technical expertise on-demand

Get on-the-spot support from our elite virtual technical teams, including CTOs, CFOs, data scientists, and more.


Sustainability & impact

We don't just measure success in numbers. We prioritize businesses that pave the way for a better future.

Quality education

Advancing education access in underserved communities.

Eco-friendly initiatives

Partnering with ventures to reduce carbon footprints and back eco-solutions.

Community empowerment

Supporting ventures that uplift local communities, promote health, and ensure well-being.

Inclusive diversity

Championing pay parity and fostering an inclusive work environment for all genders, races, and orientations.

Economic growth

Ensuring fair compensation and sustainable growth strategies.

Tech for good

Harnessing the potential of technology to drive positive change in various fields.


Our guiding princples


We champion open communication and clear processes.

Structured thinking

Our actions are deliberate, fostering improved decision-making.


Every partnership is marked by mutual passion and dedication.


Funds aligned with your growth

We cater to startups at every stage, ensuring our investments are synchronously aligned with your growth trajectory.

Revenue: > $100k ARR
Exit horizon: 5 Years
Investment range: $50k - $250k

Ideal for startups with lean operations, poised for growth.

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Seed & Growth

Revenue: > $500k ARR
Exit horizon: 4 Years
Investment range: $500k - $2m

Perfect for ventures disrupting markets with scalable strategies.

Series A & B

Revenue: > $2m ARR
Exit horizon: 3 Years
Investment range: $3m - $10m

Tailored for established firms with a global vision and robust growth.

Success stories

Engage with the journey of startups we've transformed, each a beacon of our dedication and commitment.

“Utiliti Group has been providing its expertise through invaluable financial insights and by refining our Go-To-Market strategies. They seamlessly integrated into our team as a driving force behind our accelerated growth.”
"Utiliti has been a cornerstone in Azura Fashion Group's journey, especially during our significant fundraising effort. Jason Serda's expertise and dedication were instrumental in successfully closing the raise, reflecting a partnership built on shared vision and mutual respect. As we grow, Utiliti's insights remain invaluable. We're grateful for their support and excited for our future together."
Since Utiliti co-led Outstaffer's first external investment round, Jason and the team at Utiliti have worked tirelessly to add value to our business. From taking the time to work with us on important strategic initiatives to making value-adding introductions across Utiliti's vast global network. Jason and the team make themselves available when needed, and often outside of business hours. Utiliti is the exact type of investment partner early-stage companies should aim to attract on their cap table. Utiliti has not only brought growth capital to Outstaffer, but more importantly, an incredible amount of value that far outweighs the amount of capital invested.
“The Utiliti team has been instrumental in guiding us through this phase of the early start-up wilderness. From warm introductions to the ‘right’ people to fill critical skills gaps to strategic advice on our product roadmap, and most recently helping us prepare for a Capital Raise.”
“Jason and the Team at Utiliti bring a wealth of practical and real world experience to the technology startup space. Leaning on their own experience in strategic and operational aspects of technology, Utiliti has been instrumental in steering Fluid on its growth journey.”

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