Our Strategic Advantage

We enable our start-ups to focus, surround themselves with great people who have done it before.

We provide access & connections to successful mentors from all over the globe, some running their own startups or successful businesses. You will need access to different people through the various stages of your lifecycle.

Many of our mentors become investors in the startups that they guide.

Funding & Its Lifecycle

Utiliti has an existing seed investment fund, relationships with private & mentor investors, Private Equity, seed and venture capital in Australia, USA & UK to support the funding lifecycle for tech start-ups.


One of Utiliti's primary goals is to connect experienced people with the right tech start-ups. Getting access to the right people can be instrumental to success.

Accounting & CFO Services

Access a team of experts to support accounting, financial & CFO level financial management for tech start-ups. Correct financial management is key to success factor for attracting potential investors & future funding.

Legal, Patents & M&A

New start-ups has demanding requirements for legal & contract related matters, gain access to team of experienced legal & M&A resources to support new tech start-ups.

Sales & Marketing

Every start-up has challenges getting in front of the right clients, can Utiliti support your own activities. Leverage a experienced team in modern methods of lead generation and driving momentum in your sales & marketing efforts.

Accessing Grants

Make sure you get access to the latest R&D Grants, and leverage new changing environment around government incentives for Tech Start-ups.

Ecosystem of US, UK Incubators, Venture Capitalists

Ecosystem to support successful start-ups moving and setting up operations in US and/or UK.

Technical Execution with Utiliti Development

Remove technical risk from your Startup with Utiliti's world class development team.

Featured Innovators

The portfolio has diverse backgrounds with innovators across 4 continents and various industry sectors.

The intent of the program is to enrol 6 to 8 startups a year. The featured startups below have agreed to feature on our website. Some of these early stage startups are live while others continue in stealth until later this year.


B2B Property Investment Platform for property developers to sell off the plan properties through a network of 1000+ accountants, mortgage brokers and financial planners.


Generate electricity from the motion of vehicles to power onsite equipment and reduce expenses, to power our cities more sustainably.


P2P Sales Platform for individuals selling solar panels on behalf of Solar City – Solar City has selected Powur to be the category creating direct sales company representing SolarCity products and services nationwide United States.


Cuuura is a mobile community of highly engaged fashion enthusiasts, influencers, brands and retailers.

Blue Paradigm

Cloud simplification & outcome Driven event based automation & Devops – Drive outcome based computing through workflow automation and integration for cloud onboarding, migration and ongoing management


Global Marketplace for crowdsourced design and sourcing & manufacturing of packaging.


Business Services for Fitness Franchises

Property IP

AI Based Data Analytics for Property Buyers

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