Bridging startups to global opportunities

Your ambitious startup shouldn’t be confined by borders. Utiliti International stands as your bridge between the Australian and US tech ecosystems. Specializing in fast-tracking early-stage ventures, we break down barriers to entry and pave the way for your global success.

Our mission

Empower startups with a global mindset. We're dedicated to helping high-potential startups thrive beyond local boundaries, prepping them for international success and ensuring they’re primed for investment on a global scale.

Our approach

At Utiliti International, we see beyond the immediate horizon. We understand the nuances of expanding into the US market, and our approach is twofold: equip startups with essential knowledge and tools - and provide unparalleled support during the entire transition.


The next generation of world class startups

At Utiliti International, we're more than just advisors. We're your partners in the ambitious journey of navigating the US market. Every startup has a unique story, and our suite of services is tailored to ensure yours is heard loud and clear.

Strategic fundraising & VC networking

Partner with industry-leading VCs, utilizing our deep-rooted connections and robust fundraising approach to scale your startup.

Business modeling & financial forecasting

Partner with our C-suite experts to refine your business model, forecast financial success, and pinpoint lucrative avenues for your venture in the US.

Market analysis & competitive insight

Delve into the nuances of the US market, identify prime opportunities, and stay ahead of competitors with our actionable insights and on the ground support.

Legal setup, immigration & compliance

Establish your company in the US, navigate regulations, and ensure a smooth transition with our all-inclusive legal and visa assistance.

Operational establishment & expansion

Lay a strong foundation for your startup, from office setup to local team building, ensuring you thrive in the US marketplace.

GTM strategy & sales outreach

Craft and execute impactful sales campaigns, with tailored strategies that resonate with the US audience, accelerating growth and traction.

major market differences

The US advantage

It's not just about size - it's about scalability, reach, and unparalleled opportunities

Vast market size & potential

US offers 330M+ customers & $800B e-commerce market, surpassing Australia's 25M & $50B market

Greater investment & funding opportunities

US: $300B startup investment in 2022 & rich VC ecosystem, outpacing Australia's $5B investment

Unmatched scalability & global reach

US startups: $2T revenue & expansive global reach in 2022, vastly exceeding Australia's $50B revenue

Lucrative exit prospects

US average startup exit: $1.5B & favorable exit environment, significantly higher than Australia's
$100M exits

Think global, act global.

We're all-in for startups with global aspirations. If you envision your startup making waves internationally, so do we. Let's embark on this journey together.